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FAQs for List Makers

Why should I create my own MyRestaurantList?

Because you can make money doing something you already do: Recommend restaurants.

Whether you work at a hotel, run an Airbnb, drive for Uber, drive a taxi, act as a tour guide, or do any job where you recommend restaurants, sign-up for MyRestaurantList to make money.

Sharing your recommendation online is also faster, lets you recommend more restaurants, and provides your guests with important details like maps, reviews, etc. Get started in 15 minutes and make money forever List makers withoutmrl List makers withmrl min

How much money can I make with

The more often you recommend restaurants, the more money you can make. Your earnings can run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars a year.

Does MyRestaurantList do the work to sign-up restaurants to advertise?

Yes. After you make your list, we do the marketing and sales to get your recommended restaurants to sign-up for advertising. You don’t have to do any selling. Once your list reaches 60 qualified page views, we know you are doing your part to promote your own list. We then invest our marketing and sales teams and go to work signing-up your restaurants to advertise. We only make money when you make money so our marketing and sales investment is naturally proportional. The more page views you generate, the more marketing and sales we do to sign-up your restaurants to advertise.

Is it free to make a list?

Yes. is 100% free for list makers. You never pay us anything. In fact, helps you make money.

What are the steps to make money with

Sign-up and create your list(s), then tell people about it. Once your list reaches 60 qualified page views, we know you are doing your part to promote your own list. We then go to work to sign-up advertisers so you can make money. When restaurants choose to advertise, you get most of their advertising dollars and we keep a fee for running the service for you.

At a minimum, you keep 75% of the advertising dollars generated by your account and we keep 25%. You can earn up to 90% of the advertising dollars based on your volume of page views created for your list(s). Once your lists generate over 100 page views a month, we will automatically upgrade you to our volume based pricing and you will earn more of each advertising dollar, up to a maximum of 90%. We automatically deposit your earned advertising money right into your PayPal account at the beginning of the next month.

Why do restaurants pay me for advertising?

Advertising lets restaurants show-up as early as possible on your list, and gives them a chance to quickly highlight important restaurant details.

Advertising restaurants are shown first. Non-advertising restaurants are shown after advertisers. Likewise, advertising restaurant details get shown immediately, while non-advertising restaurant details require a consumer to click-thru to see restaurant details.

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Non-advertisers=Lower+No details -->

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Relax: We handle all the advertising details. All you need to do is create a list of your recommended restaurants and tell people about it. We do everything else!

How do I start?

Just create your list of recommended local restaurants. It is free and takes about one minute to add a restaurant to your list. We suggest you start by recommending at least seven restaurants. Travelers prefer local (non-chain) restaurants. But choose any mix you want to recommend. We also suggest different price points, food styles and atmospheres. You can add a maximum of 20 restaurants per list. You can also create multiple lists if you wish, like one for dinner or breakfast, a list for food types like Italian or Mexican, or even unique lists selected by each employee in your hotel. Taxi and Uber drivers often will create different lists for different parts of the city they cover so passengers can find restaurants near where they are dropped-off

Once you publish your list, tell people about it! To help you do that, we email you PDF files of posters and business cards. Spread the word! The more people who view your list, the more money you can make!

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I own a hotel with a restaurant on-property. Can I recommend that restaurant first, at no cost?

Yes. We give every list maker the option to pin one restaurant to the top of their own list for free. That restaurant’s full details are shown, and it does not pay any advertising fees. This is ideal for hotel/motel owners who have a restaurant on-property.

I own a hotel and want to use MyRestaurantList to share earnings with my employees. Can I do that?

Yes. Many hotels use the cash generated by MyRestaurantList as an employee bonus pool. Do you have an "Employee of the Month?" If so, you can take the cash your hotel earns and give it to that employee as a cash bonus for winning the Employee of the Month award!

What does it cost restaurants to advertise on my list?

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The top spot is the prime advertising spot on your list. Your first advertising restaurant wins that spot and pays a fee of $0.55 per page view whenever your guests view your list. Spot number two goes to the next restaurant advertiser for $0.50 per page view. The advertiser in spot three pays $0.45 per page view. We subtract a nickel for each subsequent advertiser’s spot. The bottom ten spots all pay the same $0.05 page view fee.

We sign-up advertisers and we collect the money for you. We deposit your money into your PayPal account at the beginning of the next month. You earn 75-90% of all advertising fees from advertising restaurants on your list. The more you recommend restaurants drives more page views, which means more money for you!

Do restaurants pay anything to get added to my recommended list?

No. Use your list to tell your guests the names, locations and details of great local restaurants you recommend. We’ll handle the advertising. Your list should serve your guests’ needs first and foremost. Only include restaurants you think are worth recommending.

Can I add new restaurants, or remove old restaurants, after I publish my list?

Absolutely. It is your list, so you choose the restaurants worth recommending to your guests. You can add, remove or edit your list at any time.

Who can make a list?

Anyone! If you regularly recommend restaurants to guests, is for you.

Our best list makers are hotel/motel owners and their employees because they often recommend restaurants to their hotel guests. The same is true for short term rental hosts at Airbnb, VRBO or HomeAway. We also attract Uber drivers, taxi drivers, tour guides, local celebrities, pastors, teachers, writers, cops or firemen. Anyone who regularly recommends restaurants is ideal.

I don’t see a restaurant I want to recommend on the database you provide. Can I add one?

We have just about every restaurant on the planet available through Google Places. However, if we don’t have a restaurant you want to recommend, you can add one quickly. We do ask that you upload at least one picture of each place you add.

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