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FAQs for Restaurants


Imagine how amazing it would be to have your restaurant recommended by local area hotel employees, Airbnb hosts, tour guides, Uber and taxi drivers. A personal recommendation from these influential hospitality people will bring lots of new visitors into your restaurant.

Our local hospitality influencers use MyRestaurantList to recommend restaurants to new visitors in your area. Restaurants are always recommended for free. You never pay to be recommended. But once recommended on anyone’s list, your restaurant can advertise to best grab the attention of hungry visitors so they eat at your restaurant instead of a competitor’s. List makers withmrl min

Is discounting or couponing required?

No. There is absolutely no discounting or couponing involved with

How does MyRestaurantList work?

All day long new visitors ask our list makers for great local restaurant recommendations. List makers use MyRestaurantList to share their recommended list. Sharing their list online is faster. It also allows them recommend more area restaurants, plus their online list quickly relays crucial details to guests like maps, reviews, etc.

Lists usually include 7-12 local recommended restaurants. Restaurants show on lists in one of two ways:

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<-- Advertisers=Higher+Details

Non-advertisers=Lower+No details -->

See the difference? For a low fee of $0.05 to $0.55 per page view, restaurants can show higher on each MyRestaurantList and have all their important details immediately shown to each visitor. Better positioning, and more details, helps a restaurant best grab the attention of visitors while they are choosing a restaurant. If you want new, full paying visitors, advertise!

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Will advertising get me new customers?

Yes. Any visitor viewing a MyRestaurantList page is actively searching for a new restaurant after asking a local expert for dining recommendations.

List makers usually recommend seven to twelve local restaurants. But a visitor will pick only one for their meal. Our advertisers have the best chance to be the restaurant chosen! Here’s why: Visitors start by reading any list from the top down. When they find something they like, they generally stop and head out for their meal. Thus, high placement on any recommended list is critically important for getting customers into your restaurant.

Our advertising gives you the way to have your restaurant seen as high on a list as possible. Being seen higher on a list, with all your details showing, means you will get more visitors into your restaurant, without discounting or couponing.

When you advertise, our system will automatically show your restaurant on the highest possible spot on each list where your restaurant is recommended. The sooner you advertise, the higher you show on each list. Your advertising reaches new customers! We guarantee it with our 100% money-back guarantee (see below for more details).

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If I choose not to advertise, how does my restaurant show?

There is never a cost to be recommended. List makers choose to add you to their list because they like your restaurant. Even if you do not advertise, your restaurant will still show. However, non-advertising restaurants are shown to guests last on each list, after all other advertising restaurants are shown. Also, your important restaurant details like pictures, location, time, hours, reviews, etc., are only visible if a guest chooses to click-thru to see your details.

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Is this pay-for-performance advertising?

Yes. You only pay an advertising fee to reach the most valuable customer you can reach: Someone who is actively searching for a new place to eat and wants a local recommendation.

When you advertise you can count on three things:

  1. A visitor asked a local expert for a new restaurant recommendation;
  2. That expert recommends your restaurant;
  3. The guest views the expert’s recommendations on;
These three things give you the best chance to get the highest value new customer you can get!

You can see highly detailed reports showing every guest page view so you can see the actual advertising activity you paid for.

How much does advertising cost?

You start by adding $100 to your account. Once your account is set-up, each time your restaurant is viewed on any recommended list page, we deduct the appropriate page view advertising fee based on your position on that list page (see table to the right).

Your list position is automatically determined based on the date you start advertising. If another restaurant starts advertising before you do, you show after them. If a restaurant starts advertising after you, they show below you on any list. To get the best spot, advertise as soon as possible.

Fare table

What is MyRestaurantList’s 100% money-back guarantee?

Open an account, add $100. If you are unhappy with your advertising results stop advertising and ask for your first $100 back within 12 months. We’ll send it to you no questions asked!

How can we offer this amazing money-back guarantee? Because our advertising works and we don’t want you to take our word for it. You will get new customers coming into your restaurant with our advertising or can get your money back! This makes our advertising 100% risk-free. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Who gets the advertising money from restaurant advertisers?

Your local list maker gets 75-90% of every advertising dollar you pay. We only keep 10-25% as our service fee.   They recommend you. They promote their list. So, they keep the majority of the money!

Can I change my restaurant’s pictures, menu, hours or profile details?

Yes. After you create an advertising account, you get control over your restaurant’s details. You can change pictures or update your profile as shown to guests. You cannot change reviews or ratings.

What about page view fraud risks?

If someone is looking at a list of recommended restaurants on, they have generally sought a local person’s restaurant recommendations. We charge advertising based on page views for that list of recommendations and we assume visitors are legitimately searching for a recommended restaurant. You are not charged for page views that MyRestaurantList considers to be invalid. These include unintentional page views or page views resulting from malicious software. Here are just a few examples of what MyRestaurantList may consider to be invalid page views:

When we determine a page view is invalid, we automatically credit your payments so that you are not charged for those page views. These credits are called "invalid activity" adjustments.

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